I Welcomed 2017 in a Coma


Some time ago, I wrote a post about 5 reasons why everyone needs to be in a coma at least once in their lives. As fate would have it, I experienced the very thing I had advocated.

The family had gone to visit close family friends in Witbank and spend the afternoon braaing, eating and spending time together. The weather was particularly hot. It was in sharp contrast from the north, where it had rained the whole week, almost nonstop. The temperature must have been around 32. It was so hot. So hot, flies were moving in slow motion.

The dads were outside tending to the meat, while the mothers tended to the salads, pap and whatever else in the kitchen. We, the kids, played Lego Jurassic Park on PS4. Good times I tell you. Those graphics are amazing and the storyline was flawless. Every move you made, made sense to the overall telling of the story. I underestimated Lego the game, but not after today.

Anyway, as the afternoon wore on, it became hotter and hotter. There was barely any wind blowing so the air was stagnant and heavy. It felt like the oven was on full blast. Our younger friend complained about having a headache. This was caused both by the weather as well as the fact that she kept falling down the tree in one of the levels.

We were all hydrated as far as I know. I had been snacking on crisps, peanuts and raisins and biscuits. Perhaps the combination of sweet and savoury is what almost sent me back to my Maker.

The dads had finished the meat, the moms were ready and it was time to pray. The food was blessed and we dug in. I went to wash my hands and stood in line to dish up a generous helping of food.

The mountains of meat were pleasing to my palate. Lamb chops, chicken, beef and boerewors. Not to mention the pap, potato/tuna salad, beans and croissants.

I plated up some beans and salad when I was about to go for some sausage. I felt sick suddenly and held onto the chair. I felt like I was going to throw up so I sat down. It was the course of wisdom to do so.

My friend asked what was wrong and I said I felt nauseous. She asked if I wanted to lie down and suggested I sleep on her daughter’s bed. I got up with much difficulty and walked perhaps five steps before it all went blank.

I tasted death

I awoke to voices calling my name repeatedly. I physically had to force my eyes to open so the people around me would know I was alive. They were so scared. As I lay on the cool, marble floor, I felt sad that I had made everyone panic about me. I even apologised to God for making them fret like that.

Had this happened before? Yes, it had. Once. And it was just as hot. I thought then that it was just a case of not eating or being dehydrated or just suffering from the heat wave. This time, however, it proved that I really am anaemic. And that I need to do something about it and fast.

When roused from my coma, my socks and shoes had been removed, my belt loosened, a pillow put under my head to keep me elevated and a fan blasted winds as strong as a gale. The fan cooled me down almost immediately. I took 10 to 15 minutes to get up from the floor. They let me be and kept talking to me to make sure I was indeed alive.

I learnt all over again (almost)

When I did eventually get up, I felt very weak and had to be helped up to the sofa where I sat. I wasn’t shaking, but I might as well have been. I managed to eat but it was quite a feat. Just holding the spoon was almost too much for me. Even walking was a mission. I felt like a new born.

Ultimately, the life I have is not my own

My sister described the situation as I blanked out to me. Apparently, my friend had noticed I was going to fall with the way I was walking, and she caught me before I hit the ground. I don’t remember that. Mind you, this is someone with a heart problem and isn’t meant to be carrying heavy bodies around. She called out to her husband who helped her put me down. They kept fanning me, and had done all the things I mentioned above when I was now awake. I don’t remember any of this.

My sibling also mentioned how weak my mother became. Dad stood by quietly, a quarter to a heart attack, not knowing what to do. My sister started eating because she wanted to distract herself as she thought I really was gone. I was out for that long. They kept calling out my name and talking to me, fearing the worst until I forced myself out of my stupor and responded.

I have a unique story to share with others

I am eternally grateful for my family and friends who rallied around me. I am grateful to God for giving me another day of life, for bringing me through the tunnel. I wouldn’t have been writing this, but here I am.

My dad kept checking on me literally every five minutes. He kindly requested that I not give him a heart attack like that again. When we got home, he hugged me, looked at me with tears in his eyes, smiled and said, “Life is so fragile.”

Life is indeed fragile. One moment you’re alive, the next you’re not. So love hard, and appreciate the little things. Time

Source: I Welcomed 2017 in a Coma


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