Robert Downey Jr is ‘The Judge’


This has been a relatively good few years for Robert Downey Jr. who has fortunately landed epic roles like Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes and Due Date. October 10 brings the opening of a crime drama revolving around a well to do lawyer, played by Downey Jr. who returns home to discover rhe truth of a murder that’s connected to his father. In his quest to find the truth, he also comes to terms with his estranged family in the hopes of reconciliation.

So far, not many people appear optimistic about his acting. Big names like the National Post and Crave are fluctuating from the movie being good enough to appeal to crowds and being “one of the worst movies of the year.” The script may be a typical drama, blanketed in clichés, but it does touch on real life issues: estranged family, reconciliation and forgiveness. This can be disheartening for diehard Downey Jr. fans but the fact that it’s a new offering from the man of steel is enough to keep them happy.

This could be his most serious role since and with the hype surrounding his superhero image, a somewhat complete turnaround from his usual quirky self. It should be noted that this role may actually epitomise aspects of his character not yet tapped into, for example, his serious side and ability to reconnect with individuals on a personal and not blasé level.

What can we expect? Most probably to see Downey Jr. in his most serious depiction yet. Will he execute it well? Will it really just be another overpriced lawyer movie with no direction? Only time will tell.

Sources: Bibbiani, William (2014-09-04) “TIFF 2014 Review: The Judge.” CraveOnline.
Retrieved 2014-09-23.


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