Water balloons


When was the last time you were completely silly? I mean, when you did something childish but fun? Something you hadn’t done in a long time? When you threw all caution to the wind and just lived?

I’m thinking playing snakes and ladders or hopscotch. How about hoola hooping with multicoloured hoops, on your neck, hips as well as legs if you’re that acrobatic? What about making mud pies and pretending to eat them, and for those of us who were that brave, eating them? What about doing cartwheels? My, oh my, how I looove doing cartwheels! It’s rather exhilarating if you think about it. You’re standing the one moment and the next, your hands are on the floor and your legs are in the air and you’re moving from one end of the room or field to the other. Then, when you’ve decided you’ve been an Olympian for a bit too long, you stand up feeling rather woozy, with a goofy smile on your face but completely at peace and happy.

Then, of course, there’s jump rope. One, two, three, go! Up down, in, out, dance, dance, bust a move or two. Oh, be careful not to trip. Lift one leg up and then the other. Now do it real fast. Now, let’s slow it down a bit. Right, just like that. Clap your hands one time. Clap my hands. Up, under and over. Up, under and over again. Now star jumps! Wooo, just then the tempo picked up and you couldn’t keep up. The rope entangles you and you move off graciously to a round of warm applause. What a show.

And of course, one of my all time favourites: star jumps. They say it’s good for exercising but I think it’s just to make people look silly which is perfectly fine, too. Up, clap, down, up, clap, down. Now faster! There we go. Phew! So tired, you collapse on the floor to catch your breath. And who can deny that carefree feeling of being on a swing? Of being swung to outer space? Ready, set, go! You’re on a space aircraft, going to whatever planet you wish. Maybe Uranus or Jupiter. Each push brings you closer and closer to your destination. For the Bravehearts amongst us, you wait for that perfect moment before jumping off and showing your athletic prowess as you land lightly on your feet and raise your hands in victory as if completing a complex stunt. For the rest of us, being stopped by our partner is good enough; sand in the mouth is not such a good look or taste.

How about a dip in the sandbox? Building sandcastles, men, women and whatever other imaginary friends we can think of. And to top it all off, we’ll go to an ice cream man. The real one, the kind with an ice cream van with the familiar ice cream van song that all 90s kids and above knew. We’ll have a wide selection just because we had so much fun. We’ll have a triple scoop of vanilla, chocolate, caramel, strawberry, mint, lemon or whatever flavour you like. Why? Because we’re young, wild and free.

Tomorrow we’ll do it all over again but this time with different games that involve running, jumping and laughter. Oh, did I mention water balloons to drench you in water before you run home to take a shower as the cherry on the top?


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