Two wrongs never make a right


So there has been much speculation about the nature of Rihanna and Drake’s relationship. Some say they are together, others say not, and still others say they are but they’re not. The only ones who know the truth are Rihanna, Drake and God. And possibly a friend or two. Rihanna is at the prime of her career, or perhaps not depending on how you define “prime,” I guess. Drake made one of the sweetest songs ever, “Hold On We’re Going Home” and it’s done well. One of my favourite songs of his, actually. They are two amazing people and interesting artists. Rihanna may not be a Mariah Carey but whoever writes her songs knows what they’re doing. Drake can sing and rap, though, at times, the content and direction of his music leaves me doubting his creativity. Someone is not giving him good advice. Anyway, despite being as amazing as they are, they cannot and should not be together. ‘Why?’ you may ask. Let me explain. Drake and Rihanna are both broken souls. Broken in the sense that they need someone stronger than themselves so that they’re able to deal with the issues in their lives. For Rihanna, it’s the whole Chris Brown thing. Being physically abused and never getting over her first love, getting fame at a young age and having the world lash out at her for getting back with the emotionally unstable love of her life. For Drake, its growing up without his dad, having his heart and emotions played with by women and the fact that many people, including some in the music industry, don’t take him seriously just because he’s in touch with his emotional side. Truth be told, Rihanna may not deserve Drake because of the way she’s acted out her pain and frustrations in life. Not that anyone can blame her or judge her. No, not at all, but if anything, Drake is one of the realest guys in the game. He may be a tad bit emotional but he speaks truth. He is a good guy. He’s just caught up with the wrong people and sadly the wrong women too. Apparently in a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres when questioned about his relationship with Rihanna, he denied anything between them and said something along the lines of ‘I never go back to my past.’ (or so I heard) If this is true, poor Riri for trying to get back in his good books. He even said a while ago that she had toyed with his emotions and he felt used. Why he would go back to that baffles me. Rihanna, on the other hand, needs a strong man who will make cut out her nonsense and help her heal in a clean, loving way. Someone who will make her know how beautiful and talented she is. That she is not the crazy, no-hope-for-this-one girl we see on music videos or some wayward star. In essence, they both need to be loved and healed and appreciated for who they are. I just personally feel they can’t do it together. No matter how we look at it, two wrongs never make a right.


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