Morning Madness


Cring! Cring! Cring! Cring!

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

“Ag, do I have to?!”

“We’re late!” “Hurry up, won’t you?”

“Where’s my bag?” “Where’s my wallet?”

These are common phrases we are used to hearing in the morning.

The morning rush.

Left and right there is activity,

Right from when the mother’s eyelids flutter open

To the banging of a closed kitchen door.

There’s lots of bustling activity

As people get ready for work, school, gym

And other activities.

Most, if not all, would rather be in bed

But alas, life doesn’t work like that.

Wake up, snooze a bit until you’ve got a few minutes

To leave the house before rushing to the bathroom.

Brush your teeth, shower, bath, dress.

Oh, don’t forget to eat something.

You know what they say:

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

Funny ‘cause most people miss the most important

Meal of the day due to the hustle and bustle

That is life today.

Pulling of hair, shouting and even screaming

Fills the air in many households.

“Come on! Let’s go!” “You haven’t brushed your hair, Susan!”

“Mom! Cat stole my lunch money again!” “No, I didn’t. You used all yours!”


Doors banging, spilt tea and coffee stains on the floor and counters and even sometimes on shirts and skirts.

Whoops. Sorry, dad, looks like you’re going to have

To change into another shirt.

Oh, would you look at the time, we’re late. As usual.

Grab the keys off the rack, kiss your beloved,

Hustle the children into the car, bags and all,

Seatbelts checked and we’re off.

Oh, did I mention the traffic which starts just outside your gate?

Sigh, you can already tell it’s going to be a loooong day.

Oh well, best be putting in that Michael Buble album to help

Calm the nerves that are sure to be

Shot by the taxi drivers antics on the road.

Morning madness.

Gotta love it.


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