Alone on a desert island

It had been an especially long, hard night at work and thankfully, the last for a good week and a half. I was psyched for my holiday. I practically collapsed into bed the following morning having barely made it through the night. It was a dreamless sleep and when I woke up I was quite refreshed. Strange thing is when I woke up, I wasn’t in my bed. It started with the birds singing, which is normal because normally birds signal the dawn of a new day. I felt a cool breeze on my arms and shivered subconsciously. With my eyes still closed, I felt around for my blanket which felt different. I heard what sounded like a roar. It’s then that I opened my eyes in fright. As I looked about in horror, I was not in my bed but rather on a makeshift bed somewhere in the deep forest. I blinked several times in the hopes that my eyes were deceiving me. They were not. I sat up in haste as I heard a howling monkey. I looked down and the blanket on me was actual a fur coat. From where?! I had no idea and wasn’t sure if I wanted to find out. There was a lot of cacophony as the forest came to life. I quickly stood up and left the bed as it was. I started running in no particular direction until I burst onto the beach. The most beautiful beach I had ever laid my eyes on. White sand, blue, clear water, tropical fish, bright sun, palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze and not another human in sight. ‘Was I alone?’ I thought in horror. There was only one way to find out. But that would have to wait because it appeared that I may actually be in paradise. Was this not what my heart had been pining for the longest time?? Granted, I didn’t expect it to be alone, at least not this alone, but yes this was exactly what I wanted. I started feeling something bubbling inside me and screamed for joy. Flocks of birds from the trees near me flapped their wings hard at the fright of my scream. I spun round and round and fell on the sand. I played in the sand, made a sand angel and laughed. I was alone. I was going to be able to collect my thoughts and do whatever I wanted to do. It may have been devoid of human life but I was sure I would get used to it and be able to find food, possibly fruit and the like. What luck! The days turned into weeks and months and there was no sign of life. Was this real? As I sit here, sipping on freshly squeezed mango juice, I think to myself, ‘this is nothing at all like how I imagined being alone on a desert island would be.’ Am I really alone, though?


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